Why you need social media marketing

Imagine if you told a small shop owner in 1947 that today he could instantly connect with both clients and potential clients with just the click of a button. He would probably tell you to stop your crazy talk and get out of his shop.


The truth is we are living in an age that is a store of endless opportunity, especially for businesses.


Millions access the internet everyday on their computers, phones and tablets. Of that, millions are members of social media sites like Twitter and YouTube. Facebook alone has more than 500,000,000 users, according to its official blog. Check out these Facebook statistics. So, the question really should be, why aren’t you utilizing social media? It’s like refusing to give up your old 1985 brick phone for a modern smart phone.


People all over the world are constantly posting, sharing, tweeting, uploading, commenting, liking and disliking all kinds of products in all kinds of markets. Connecting with customers and potential customers has never been easier.


Not only can you keep your customers engaged, offering contests, giveaways and interesting articles, you can execute quality and even damage control by addressing negative content. Give a free voucher to a customer who made a disappointed comment on Facebook. This can spread like wildfire to that’s person’s personal blog, Tumblr and Twitter; thus helping associate this behavior with your brand. Simply communicating and connecting with your customers can make a world of difference.


Be sure to exercise caution. Too much social media can cause skepticism or overwhelm users. Nevertheless, social media has made the world smaller than ever. The opportunity is there, you just have to sign up and sign in.