What is Google Panda 3.4?

Fifty is a relatively small number. Google’s Panda 3.4 update made fifty more major changes to its Google Search algorithm. In the grand scheme of things, fifty seems small, but when dealing with search engine optimization, it can mean a lot.


Since early 2011, Google has been rolling out updates to its algorithm in the form of Google Panda. Update 3.4 specifically targets low-quality websites as well as the sites that have been “over-optimized,” particularly through keyword stuffing.


Before modern search engines and SEO, searching was simply based on keywords. But with the construction of Panda, these algorithm robots can detect and scan more complex ideas and associations. This process is call semantics. For example, if you have a website about ‘music legends,’ semantic keywords would be “The Beatles” and “Elvis.” Because of this, Google can constantly improve searches for everyone who uses it.


Only 1.6% of websites have been affected by the Panda 3.4 update. But based on the number of websites out there, 1.6 is a small number that can have a large effect. Still, Google continues its mission to improve his search engine with more Pandas and even a penguin.