What Can Google + Add to your Business?

As a business you’re asking, ‘why should I join Google+? I’m on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. That’s enough social media, right?’ Well, Google+ has a lot of features many don’t realize; features that might convince you to join.


What is Google + ?


Google + is a social network designed to make the user-experience as easy and manageable as possible. Google + does have a news stream where content is collected. Though, unlike Facebook, Google + allows further categorization of the people the user has chosen to associate with by putting them into specific “Circles” like “friends,” “co-workers,” or “soccer team.” Content would then only be shown to the circles chosen. Other features include “Huddles,” (group chats), and “Hangouts,” where video chatting can include several webcams in one session.


Why should your business have a Google + ?


In addition to joining and appealing to early adopters and techies, you can use Hangout to connect with clients, associates and employees alike.


Google + Circles allow you target specific groups and audiences in order to share customized messages.


Anything associated with Google will have a search engine aspect. When sharing a Circle associated with a certain theme or product, your reach will go beyond what you can see to more users, who, when logged into Google+, will have your businesses’ relevant content take priority in search results.


Furthermore, with these results, a user is able to find your company and follow you, much faster than say, obtaining a “like” on Facebook.


Go ahead and check Google + out. You may find it worth your while.