Pinterest Potential

Hollywoodmight have to look into making a “Social Network 2” because Pinterest took only nine months to reach 10,000 users while Facebook took sixteen. Now, as of March of this year, Pinterest has over seventeen million registered users.


Launched in 2010, Pinterest’s own slogan is “share and organize beautiful things on the web.” It sums up quite well the concept of the site. Essentially, users can grab (“pin”) or upload any page, image or link on the web they find interesting and collect them into categorized queues called “boards” on their own Pinterest account, or “pinboard.”


A user can follow the pinboards and/or specific boards of other users. The content in these boards can then be taken and added to his/her own board. Users can then “mention” other users while commenting, liking and sharing any pin, board or pinboard. As a result, images and messages can spread like wildfire from user to user. You can easily add a “pin it” button to your website as well as a “follow us on Pinterest” button. Connect with Facebook and Twitter to extend the reach even farther. Basically, if your business has a Pinterest, the potential for exposure is fantastic.


The potential to promote current and new products/services on Pinterest is enormous. A long list of companies is already taking advantage of this sharing and referral traffic potential. The most popular themes on Pinterest are weddings, fashion and style, DIY and arts and crafts. If you can be associated with these industries, you better jump on the Pin bandwagon or your competition will leave you in the dust.