Have you been affected by Google Penguin?

Quality control is something you probably hear quite often within companies and businesses of all sizes, and Google is no different. But when Google makes its redundancies, we all feel its effects.


After its release in April 2012, Google reported only 3% of sites were affected by its Google Penguin changes, but soon after, it became apparent that more and more had seen signs of forthcoming pink slips. So chances are, you are making sure that your website is up to snuff.


Google will always be trying to wheedle out the inferior content. So companies (you know who you are) that are making high amounts of low-quality content to get people to its site, are being forced to change their ways. Quality is the keyword here. Anything that is not up to Google’s standard, will get the ax.


But all hope is not lost. If you find your Google ranking/searches dropping, there are so many ways on this vast interweb to combat Google’s seemingly evil algorithms. For example, make your site user-friendly, use more video, pictures, infographics, links, meta tags, make sure any body copy is good body copy and with the right experts in SEO, you can get your site ranking higher.


As its Google’s mission to only provide its users with the top-quality content, it should be yours as well. If you still feel your site was unfairly affected, Google is accepting feedback forms. You can also report a site you feel is spam.