Google Penguin’s “Black Hat”

“Black and white” has represented “good and evil” for a large part of human existence. Even Google’s cute cuddly penguin is no exception. This recent Google update has thwarted a large number of evil doers in SEO, but like any good criminal organization, the bad guys bring out the big guns.


Google coined “White hat” search engine optimization is being used everyday by genuine, top-quality sites working to increase traffic and ranking productively, creatively and legitimately.


Unfortunately, barricades like Penguin cause the “Black Hat” schemers to look for bigger and sneakier ways to find the search engine loopholes. When tactics become more aggressive, they are harder to fight. These “Black Hat” schemers will do anything from keyword stuffing to intentionally creating duplicate links to putting links in completely unrelated content.


Penguin was created specifically for these negative strategists but regrettably, some will fall through the cracks. Just like the Pandas before Penguin, Google’s mission to rid its search of unworthy sites will continue. See Google’s official post regarding this topic.