Going Google

Many have probably heard of the Google Cloud, but don’t know much about it. Well, Google is dedicating itself to giving people the ability to “live online.” Google Cloud is a collection of tools created by Google allowing users to effortlessly share, collect and store any and all information about their lives online.


Included in these tools are Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Documents,Google Drive, Google Presentations and Google Spreadsheets.


First is the convenience ofGoogle Drive. Users can store up to 5 gigs of documents, pictures and videos all in one place, easily shared and edited by any authorized user. You can drag any file from any program intoGoogle Drive, never needing to hit save.


Gmail has many more features than just the ability to send and receive e-mails. Users can instantly chat, video chat and even call other users of their choice about a particular topic, without waiting for individual responses.


With Google Documents, Calendar, Presentations and Spreadsheets, you can instantly and easily update your ‘to do’ lists, projects, appointments and files while allowing access and editing abilities by authorized users, instantly saved and stored.



The features on Google Cloud really are user-friendly and convenient. Check out this great informational video on Google’s official blog on how to get into the Cloud.