10 Search Engine Changes you’ll need to know

In April 2012, Google made 52 changes to its search algorithm. Here are the 10 you want to know.

  1. Multiple pages for one site.

    Those sites that have multiple pages showing on a search for a single keyword are being reduced. If you have several optimized pages for the same keyword, lookout for a fall in the search results.

  2. More User-friendly results.

    The sites that do have more than one page appearing for a particular keyword search are being filtered out and organized for more easy-to-navigate results for the user.

  3. Cut the inferior.

    Google is cracking down on the low-quality sites. Got a link scheme or substandard site? Prepare for results in the high-numbered pages.

  4. Does anyone keyword stuff anymore? Well, those of you who still are will find it harder still to get past Google with too many superfluous keywords.

  5. Is it all in the Name?

    Have a misleading title for your page? Google will compare your title and your content. Guess who will win.

  6. It is all in the name. Page titles with concise and relevant names will have the upper hand.

  7. Digging Deeper.

    Sites that show up on the result page sometimes have what are called “sub-sitelinks,” which lead to more keyword-specific results within the site. Google is looking deeper and pulling these out more often.

  8. Digging Daily.

    Google will show, change and refresh these sitelinks with more frequency.

  9. Authority is rewarded.

    Think your business holds the key to a particular industry? Google’s algorithm is trying hard to find you.

  10. Rewarding the socialites.

    Sites, no matter how small, that keep their content updated and connected will see more positive change in ranks and results.